Collagen Casings


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What is Collagen

Collagen is a very common, naturally occurring long fibrous protein with remarkable properties.  It has been used for many years as the primary raw material for various applications.  These include uses in the biomedical and cosmetic fields as well as various uses in the food industry.  It is also the base material for the extensive Gelatine industry.

In particular, collagen is the key component in the manufacture of sausage casings and food film.  When used to make casings or sausage skins, it comes either from young beef cattle, or from pigs.

Collagen is uniquely suited for the manufacture of edible casings and films.  As a result of its very fibrous nature it provides the high mechanical strength required for very thin film materials to survive the forces of high speed machines in the sausage stuffing and linking process.  Collagen is also unique in that it will shrink on heating at about the same rate as that of meat while moisture and fat melt away, reducing the sausage diameter.  No other edible material has been found to provide these unique characteristics.

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